Google Maps Content
NetContent Enterprise Content Management can retrieve geo-location data from content and display it through Google Maps.
Netcontent eCMS Page-Flip
"Badisches Tagblatt" newspaper enables their advertisement clients to show their paper-based ad enclosures also online. NetContent does this by automatically uploading the PDF file from the advertising company and converting it into a PageFlip website. Furthermore, all e-papers can be displayed as user-friendly PageFlips.
Relauch RNZ-Website
"RNZ" newspaper re-launches its advertising presence using NetContent.
Shop Plugin was increased for CAO
NetContent?s shop module has been expanded to include an interface for CAO inventory control system. Consequently, manual cross-checking is a thing of the past. Various filters will match client information with different databases.
dpa-News for Typo3
News-Solutions delivers German Press Agency (dpa) news for Typo3 through In the following online portals, dpa news items are uploaded through NetContent ENTERPRISE CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM:,,, und
Google Search
Upon request. NetContent can automatically create a sitemap in XML format. This can be submitted to Google to improve your sites listing in their search results, especially if it is a bigger Internet presence.
Content Syndication use Netcontent
For one of the biggest software manufacturer, NetContent transforms dpa news into specified NewsML format for content syndication.